Street Triple R (Again)

Ah, the year in review thing. Looking back at 2014, I can say that I was probably not-so-smart with my finances regarding bikes. Plenty of garage shuffling and buying and selling. And where did I end up? Heading back to where I began back in April.

My longing for a street triple has continued since I sold my first one. A fateful day in October led me to a little bike swap with a friend's 2011 Street, and by all the gods, new and old, I missed touching toes on the pavement. I missed sharp handling. I missed zippy performance and The Induction Howl. Triples do that to a guy.


I began toying with the idea of buying another one and noticed that my local dealer had some residual models. I considered a street RX, but wanted to keep the comfortable seat for both me, and my passenger (!). So I broke down earlier this month and went for it. A little cash shuffle and there I was again, Street Triple smitten, and pleased as punch.

After the last go-around, I definitely knew what I liked and disliked. The Comp. Werkes can was too much for me. The sound of satan's trumpets is an absolute pleasure around town, as it is on the twisty stuff. However, when locked into a steady freeway RPM for 3 hours straight, I found it taxing. It was loud, droning, and well, annoying. I opted instead for a perk-package included in the street. Now we've got an Arrow can AND a quickshifter. Deadly.


I pulled the mirrors and went to the triumph bar ends and CRG Lane-splitters like last time. They offer a much better view than the stockers that offered an exquisite view of the stitching on my Dainese Laguna Evo Perf, but little else. Flyscreens are mandatory on these bikes if you plan to commute, travel, or generally not be wind blasted constantly, so that went on, too. And the tech spec tank grips, which make the bike even easier to work in the twisty stuff, and adds desirable traction on the tank to prevent er-manhood squashing. Last will be a full compliment of Evotech products: frame and axle slider, stand bobbins, and tail tidy. My growing collection of Kriega luggage will be more than sufficient for the bike, so all I need is some extra velcro for the US tank, and I'm in for another season of fun, if the snow ever melts.

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